MICHAEL NISE is President / CEO and Executive Producer for OMNI 2000 INC, an international, full-service multiple-media company with a rich heritage in Digital, Video, Audio, Broadcast and Production that spans over three decades.

Nise's remarkable career in the music and recording industry began in 1968. Nise and his father, Frank, created an audio production facility that launched an award-winning music production house. The business expanded to include a music publishing and an entertainment management company. Later, it evolved to include a full service video and broadcast production facility.

Nise's extensive media and management background includes producing projects for print media, record labels, advertising agencies, corporations, newsworthy political and government representatives, legal, medical & business professionals, sports and entertainment celebrities for radio, television and the print media.

His credits includes developing and producing highly rated interactive programs (live and live-to-tape) for a wide range of demographics for major television networks, radio stations, and national cable systems. Nise is also a multiple award-winning Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Writer and On Air Talent.


Early on, Nise's productivity and creativity was instantly successful with the on-location recording, mastering and pressing of 47 concerts. Nise's impressive track-record includes:

  • Developing 4 successful record labels that produced original and critically acclaimed music for over 20 national and international record labels
  • Music identification for the advertising industry
  • Books dramatized on tape

Nise produced the album, “August,” that is currently collector's album, worldwide. His production of studio gospel recordings includes a Grammy nomination for The Dixie Hummingbird's, “In Good Health.” Nise's audio dramatization (with originally scored music), “The Destroyer," also received a Grammy nomination.

Multi-platinum and million seller music awards presented to Nise by nearly every major record label include such notables as:

  • The Pointer Sisters
  • Diana Ross
  • The Sugar Hill Gang
  • Philadelphia United
  • Patrice
  • The Philadelphia Society
  • Jody Watley
  • Fat Boys
  • Luther Vandross and The Boys
  • MCA Records
  • Mowtown Records
  • USA Records
  • Polygram Records

His client list serves as a testimony to his many contributions to the music industry and includes:

  • ABC Records
  • American Records
  • Bryan Records
  • Buddah Records
  • CBS Records
  • Capital Records
  • Columbia Records
  • DCA
  • Decca Records (UK)
  • Epic Records
  • Mowtown Records
  • Phil-La of Soul Records
  • Roulette Records
  • Philadelphia International Records
  • Sugar Hill Records
  • Sutra Records
  • Take Two Records
  • TK Records
  • Warner Brothers Records

As a manager, music publisher and producer involved with Columbia / Capital Records, Nise was engaged to operate the Society Hill Sound Studio in Philadelphia as the “Philly Sound” gained momentum. Under Nise's leadership, the studio doubled its income and was the 2nd hottest producing studio in Philadelphia.

Every record nationally released by Nise was critically acclaimed by the international and national trades including:

  • 100 South of Broadway” (by The Philadelphia Society), a chart busting record in England
  • Instead…How Are You” (The Coalitions) Phil-La of Soul
  • Just Want to be Your Joy” and,
  • The theme to Bruce Lee's "Return of the Dragon” (Both Bryan Records), also were well received nationally
International acclaim and exposure followed Nise with the theme to ABC's “Mork and Mindy" that was written and produced by Nise in his Camden offices and studios.

Nise is a long-standing voting member of the Grammy Awards and the Recording Academy.


Nise is the creator, writer and publisher of MUSIC BOX, a trade magazine, and TAKE ONE, Philadelphia's first public entertainment newspapers. TAKE ONE expanded its coverage from music to live events, movies, television, and entertainment personalities and was distributed in several states achieving achieve a 100,000 print run and a 300,000 circulation the first year.

As successful writer, and publisher of TAKE ONE, Nise become acquainted with John Lennon, Tina Turner, Jim Crocé and other giants in the recording industry.



Nise is best known as the Executive Producer and Producer for DANCE PARTY USA and DANCIN' ON AIR.

Nise is one of 3 people alive today who possess a proven track-record for producing long-running, highly-rated, national television dance shows.

Nise holds the "World's Record For Producing The Most Number Of Television Dance Shows In The History Of Television," and he did it in only 11 years. Over 3300+ DANCIN' ON AIR and DANCE PARTY USA shows were broadcast from Philadelphia, “The Television Dance Show Capitol Of The World,” and from the surrounding tri-state area.

Nise's talents, abilities, and accomplishments in television and radio are not limited to young adult programming. Among his achievements:

  • 4,200+ (live and live to tape) television broadcast hours
  • 300+ local, regional and national radio and television commercials
  • Distribution and syndication of television programs
  • Creating, developing, and producing programs for news / talk, sports, kids and educational programs, live viewer call-in shows and informercials

Nise successfully fulfilled programming objectives for numerous national, regional and local television and radio outlets including:

  • USA Network (National)
  • NBC / ABC (National)
  • WGN Superstation / KingWorld (National)
  • E! Channel (National)
  • AMC / Romance Channel (National)
  • Combined Broadcasting (WGBS, Philadelphia; WBFS, Miami and WGBO, Chicago)
  • KDOC (Los Angeles)
  • Suburban Cable - Tri-State Media Network (East Coast)
  • Travel Channel / KYW / WB17 (Philadelphia)
  • Paxson Communications Corp. (WPPX, Philadelphia)
  • Colony Broadcasting (WPHL, Philadelphia)
  • Talk Radio WDVT (Philadelphia) / WVLT (Philadelphia)
  • WPEN Radio (Philadelphia)


Nise is recognized by governmental and charitable organizations for his commitment to national and local causes including:

  • Easter Seals
  • Special Olympics
  • March of Dimes
  • New Jersey Division Highway Traffic Safety
  • Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.
  • Philadelphia Fire Department
  • Oldies 98.3 FM., Philadelphia
  • Billboard Entertainment Marketing Group
  • The Lions Club
  • MOVE''s West Philadelphia Fire Victims
  • The Variety Club
He also received recognition awards from the cities of Philadelphia, PA, and in NJ, Camden, Ocean City and Wildwood.


  • Bachelors Degree, Temple University - Education and Psychology
  • Masters Degree, Temple University - Education and Media, minor in Psychology